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“Aloha, my name is Willem. I am passionate about many things but mainly by people and their quest for happiness.

A few months ago I read a book about Ho’oponopono the ancient Hawaiian art. It was not a revelation but I realized that there was an ancient thinking with which I shared almost all the values. I found in Aloha a powerful idea and a way to be happy and spread happiness to the people around me.

Hawaii is, without knowing it, probably a place we all have in common. Every time I drop the name Hawaii in a conversation I am amazed that instantly everybody has an image in his head (beaches, sand, sea, surf, cocktails, hula dancers …etc) and very few of us have actually been to Hawaii. Hawaii is this happy place we all have in our hearts, the place where we know we would be happy… well it is there within us. We all have our little paradise in us and I thought there was no better way to show it then to wear it in the eyes of all the other people. So offer yourself first the Aloha that suits your little paradise best and after that offer an Aloha to the people you love to let them know you care and that they are entitled to their paradise and a piece of yours.

In a world where a lot of effort is used to foster our negative energy I think we all are eager to find the right positive energy in ourselves. I hope Aloha will help each of us to remind us we are part of that positive energy journey and that we are willing to share it with the people surrounding us.

Aloha will be I hope my legacy to the people I love most and care about. A message to remember them always to care about themselves and each other, to always believe in their dreams, small or big, achievable or inimaginable they may be, and to always share their positive energy. I wish them love and happiness and to threat everybody with Aloha.”
What does Aloha mean to us…
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Our Aloha Friends around the World…
  •  Adrian - Ecuador

    Adrian - Ecuador

  •  Yuliana - Israël

    Yuliana - Israël

  •  Shanon - Belgium

    Shanon - Belgium

  •  Martin - Belgium

    Martin - Belgium

  •  Margarita - Portugal

    Margarita - Portugal

  •  Christine - Belgium

    Christine - Belgium

  •  Manuela - Austria

    Manuela - Austria

  •  Arturo - Spain

    Arturo - Spain

  •  Anne-Sophie - Belgium

    Anne-Sophie - Belgium

  •  Ana - Spain

    Ana - Spain

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